We are a network of audiovisual broadcasting, led by a group of Latin American cineclubs under the sponsorship of the International Federation of Film Societies


CINESUD begins a tour of New Zealand. Films from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain and Iran can be seen through the collaboration of the Federation of film societies in New Zealand. Here is all the information
CineSud is an alternative distribution network for audiovisual works led by a group of film societies and film federations of several Latin American countries under the patronage of the International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS).There are thousands of truly independent films that do not find any exhibition opportunity and remain archived without the possibility of finding a spectator. CineSud aims to bring together the author and the exhibitor in order to promote the dissemination of high quality works that otherwise would not find ways to be exhibited outside of their local region.
Black Island, White Island Black Island, White Island More…
Isla negra, isla blanca, Ventura Durall, Chile/Spain 2004, DV
This documentary explores the collaboration between the Nobel-prizewinning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and his friend, the Catalan architect Germà Rodriguez Arias, to build and renovate four unique houses in Chile and France. The collaboration produced two very different aesthetic styles: the irrational Nerudan world on one side and Bauhaus lines and rationalism on the other.Canterbury Film Society
Monday 11 June, 6.30pmWellington Film Society
Monday 16 July, 6.15pmGreytown Film Society
Friday 3 August, 8.00pmWaitati Film Society 
Tuesday 4 September, 8.00pm
placeholder God Is Wanted More…
Procura-se Déus, Marcel Cordiero, Brazil 2006, DV
While the rest of the world struggles with religious conflict, this documentary portrays Brazil as a model of peaceful coexistence: a religious democracy, where everyone is free to follow as many gods as they like. “God is a Brazilian!”Canterbury Film Society
Monday 11 June, 6.30pm
The Committee The Committee More…
El comite, La roma del penal G Moreno, Mateo Herrera, Ecuador 2005, DV
When rioting prisoners take over the Garcia Moreno Penitentiary in Quito, Ecuador, taking 360 people hostage, the prisoners find they suddenly have a voice. They are able to expose a pattern of abuse and corruption by the guards.Canterbury Film Society
Monday 10 September, 6.30pmWellington Film Society
Monday 8 October, 6.15pmPalmerston North Film Society
Wednesday 31 October, 5.30pm
placeholder Red Card More…
Tarjeta roja, Rodolfo Munoz, Ecuador 2007, DV
This documentary deals with the discrimination and racism faced by black soccer players in Ecuador. Featuring Agustín Delgado Chalá, one of the country’s most famous strikers, and his reflections on sport, culture, and power.Tekapo Film Society
Wednesday 11 April
Kamran Shirdel Kamran Shirdel Retrospective More…
Kamran Shirdel, Iran 1965-2002, DV
A retrospective programme of five short films from Kamran Shirdel, one of the pioneers of the social-documentary in Iranian cinema. Programme features the shorts Tehran Is the Capital of IranWomen’s PrisonTheWomen’s QuarterThe Night it Rained and Solitude Opus.Canterbury Film Society
Monday 9 July, 6.30pmPalmerston North Film Society
Wednesday 25 July, 5.30pmNelson Film Society
Thursday 16 August, 6.00pmWaitati Film Society
Tuesday 28 August, 8.00pm

Wellington Film Society
Monday 24 September, 6.15pm



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