We are a network of audiovisual broadcasting, led by a group of Latin American cineclubs under the sponsorship of the International Federation of Film Societies


New Zealand Federation of Film Societies present a programme of NZ Short Films. Curated for use by the International Federation of Film Societies and CINESUD. Usage restricted to non-profit screenings at film societies.

waititi_intextTama Tu (17:01, Waititi, 2004)

Without dialogues

Six Māori Battalion soldiers camped in Italian ruins wait for night to fall. In the silence the bros-in-arms distract themselves with jokes. A tohu (sign) brings them back to reality and they gather to say a karakia before returning to the fray. Director Taika Waititi: “they are a bunch of young men […] who have a special bond, strengthened by their character, their culture and each other.” Shot in the rubble of the old Wellington Hospital Tama Tūwon international acclaim: honourable mention at Sundance and a special jury prize at Berlin. You can see the movie here.

TurangawaewaeFlyerTurangawaewae / A Place to Stand (12:58, Burger, 2003) 

English version

Actor Wi Kuki Kaa (1938 – 2006) plays Tiare, a Vietnam War veteran who is dislocated by his war experience and homelessness. He wanders city streets collecting ephemera in plastic bags. Nancy Brunning plays his daughter, who, with her own daughter, visits their reluctant Koro (old man) to convince him to visit his ancestral home. A moving story about a man jolted to find his turangawaewae (place to stand), and the whanau that helps him get there. The film was directed by Peter Burger and selected for Critics’ Week at Cannes (2003). You can see the film here.

Taua_kfn2010Taua – War Party (14:23, Kahi, 2007)

Without dialogues

A party of returning raiders hauls a massive waka taua (war canoe) through dense Waitakere bush, driven by their brutally insistent chief towards safety. Two water-boys are crouched in the bow. One of them risks a bold act of compassion towards the trophy prisoner tied to the stern. The impressively-produced portage has echoes of Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, but the story is palpably Māori. Directed by Tearepa Kahi, Taua won Best Short at National Geographic’s 2007 All Roads festival, and was selected for Berlin, Edinburgh, Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand fests. You can see the film here

RUN key image2Run (14:35, Sutherland, 2007)

English version

Run tells the tale of a Samoan brother and sister pushed by their over-protective father into pounding the pavement and music lessons. The siblings conspire together to overcome their father’s wrath and show him that he may be their biggest obstacle. Run won best short and screenplay at the 2007 NZ Screen Awards and was Palme d’Or runner-up at Cannes. You can see the movie here.

TwoCars_Best_of_01Two Cars, One Night (11:16, Waititi, 2003)

English version

Youngsters Romeo, Ed, and Polly wait in two cars after dark while their parents are inside drinking. It’s a situation many Kiwis would recognise: cars in loco parentis outside the bar or rugby club. Soon cross-car rivalry warms to budding friendship. Winning performances, and the tender mix of comedy and romance saw the tale of a Te Kaha pub carpark become an international hit. Two Cars won a boot-full of awards, launched Waititi’s career, and was the second NZ short to gain an Oscar nod (Waititi infamously feigned sleep during the 2005 Academy Awards ceremony). You can see the film here

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